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Exede from Viasat offers blazing internet and VOIP in Rapid City, MI! Come by COLI INC to find out more!

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Viasat Exede high speed internet and VOIP now available in Rapid City, MI

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Viasat Exede high speed internet and VOIP now available in Rapid City, MI

Exede from COLI INC, Rapid City, MI

Exede from COLI INC brings you in to the next generation of rural online services. Owing to ViaSat's revolutionary technology, the company that brought WildBlue to the world, Exede comes out on top of the online game, topping all that anyone expects from a satellite Internet supplier. Download bigger pictures, play HD quality motion pictures, send e-mail with greater ease. This ultimate combination of fast optimized bandwidth and wireless technology has enabled even those who live out in the country to access the connection that will enable them to get the most out of the Internet.

Package Price points

The wise consumer can select from a variety of package options to suit both their needs and their personal budgets. Starting at just $49.99, you can enjoy a monthly bandwidth of 10GB, great for those who are new to connecting to the net. This light internet package is great if you're planning to use the web for research, the news and e-mails. For an additional $30, you can double that capacity to 15GB in order to watch more movies, send more pictures, and enrich your multimedia internet experience. For those who spend a great deal more time on the computer, the 15GB plan is ideally suited; this is the plan that will facilitate the use of graphics heavy sites like YouTube and Facebook. For a maximum charge of $129.99 monthly, the 25GB plan delivers the biggest and best of our Internet offerings. It is designed for users who surf the web for lengthy periods of time and manage many large files, as well as for families with members that access the web all at once from different computers. As an added bonus, you get the same great level of customer service with all of our plans that ViaSat has supplied to all of its customers since the company's inception.

Exede - The Best Choice

HughesNet, another satellite broadband company associated with Dish Network has similar deals but offer more restrictions. With a 250MB cap of bandwidth per day, it's no wonder that their customers are switching over to our services so as to enjoy internet to its fullest potential. HughesNet certainly has plans for the future of wireless internet but it has not yet reached the bar.

Cable Internet

Time Warner, Cox, Comcast and other cable companies offer online services that restrict patrons to a single provider as well as certain geographic areas in which their Internet cables run. So why bother considering cable internet when its services are incapable of reaching remote locations? Despite its shortcomings, cable internet from companies such as Time Warner, Comcast and Cox still offer high speed internet for many customers across the country.

Verizon FiOS and Google Fiber

Verizon FiOS has been around for a while - offering a fiber optic based internet connection. Google Fiber is a more recent addition to the fiber optic clan. Fiber optic technology is fairly new in relation to cable. It still uses a cable but one that is made of a flexible glass tube. This tube allows for almost transparent data transportation and allows for a greater bandwidth than traditional electrical cables allow. These companies are pushing the boundaries of landline internet but they use fairly new technology that isn't available everywhere unlike Exede, which is available anywhere in the United States.

Internet Technology

Debuting in 2012, this new type of satellite was culled from the most innovative technology available in the modern world--and now you too can use it. Exede is the best of all possible options, as it provides a strong satellite connection in rural regions limited to DSL and dial up connections. By making use of the Ka band (a definite trade up from the Ku band that providers such as Hughesnet tend to work with), ViaSat 1 supplies an extended level of bandwidth and speed so you can surf at the same level as those who have cable.

This winning mix of advanced Internet technology has been combined and optimized to deliver an incredible Internet experience. Do it all--and quickly--with a bit of help from Exede Broadband Rapid City, MI from COLI INC.